ahhh my 2nd month of being in the Pokerschool Poker League was fun, productive, and fruitful.

In November, my first month, I ranked 1648 out of 12113 players.

In December, my ending second month, I ranked 740 out of 13615 players.  I ended up winning $3.00 for the month.  I am very excited.

I am very much looking forward to moving into my 3rd month which has kicked off well so far.

Some things I learned in November and December:

-  Take my time.
-  Patience!!
-  Slow Down
 -  Less Games = more quality and concentration
-  Watch out for the "Sitting Out" Folks and not give them any money.  LOL
-  What's up with those "Sitting Out" Folks anyway?
-  Don't chase
-  Manage Bankroll and concentrate on not tilting and playing higher stakes games when I am loosing.

and ultimately in my cash non-PSO games/tournaments, I found that in the month of December I didn't re-buy in.  Historically, I've bought in in $50 increments about 3 times a month = about $150 a month which I have historically lost.

The month of November, I saw that minimized, and the month of December I didn't buy in at all.  I did though just now a day or so ago, but I am excited to see if I can hold on to that and/or better manage that bankroll.

soooo cheer's for a fabulous month of January.  I am looking forward to seeing more improvement.