I can truly say that my first month of checking and trying out the Poker School Online has been successful.  Not in a major way, but in a way where I could not only see some improvement, but also I feel as though I have a baseline foundation.

My ending statistics for the month of November ranked me at 1648 out of 12113 players with a score of 1577.27.    This put me at around the top 7%.

With that said, I also have been in conjunction playing alot more sit n go double or nothings.  I found that I was more consistently cashing in the $10.80 double or nothings and my bankroll slightly increased accordingly.  Now I'm trying my hand at the $5.40 double or nothings to hopefully keep the bankroll improving as I'm honing my skills.  I just the other day passed the Sit n Go Quiz which felt good and I'm working on the bonus FPP points now.

I've enjoyed reading alot of the daily blog posts and articles.  I have the Poker School saved on my iphone so I can pull it up easily even when I'm not near my laptop. 

All in All.  November I am marking as a Foundation month with improvement.

Cheers to the Kick off of December.  Happy Holiday Month!!