Wow, my first day of school, in about 30 yrs. They say you're never to old to learn, so I'm ready to put that to the test!  One of the first lessons I'm learning is that my sheer love of the game and determination to have fun playing is not going to be enough to be good at  it. ,

I've found that when I take a chance on a not-so-good hand, ( usually just a gut-feeling), and luck bails me out, I am often called a "Donk"  Can anyone please tell me what a Donk is, and why I'm supposed to feel bad because I took a chance and won? Am I breaking some kind of "unspoken code" ? Or is it that they just want to ruin my fun?

I would love to meet new people, and make new friends along my journey, so can anyone please help me understand what I'm doing so wrong?

Thanks! to anyone who would take the time to help me get on the right start!    :-D   LittleDi62, New Kid on The Block