So first off, before we get into my 2013 goals and what not, I'd like to give you a little bit of background of myself and my semi-pro poker career. I am 24 years old from St. Catharines, Ontario and like I said have been playing poker for about 6 years. Started out playing for fun with some friend's in one of our garage's and once I had the sort of overhead to start playing online I was just over the age of 18. This was when online poker really started booming with all of the exposure the sport got on television. I have played for years online and live cash games at the local casino. One of my major highlights of my short career so far has been the WPT Fallsview Classic held at the Fallsview Casino & Resort here in Niagara Falls in 2009. Finished Day 1A as the chipleader (now keep in mind that this was my first major live tournament) and ended up being the bubble boy and not cashing. We quite mad at myself although I got my chips in as a favourite, and looking back now that tournament gave my so much experience, confidence and insight on how to go about reviewing your play at the tables.

Now, into the good stuff. As some of you might have already read in my forum thread, my goal for 2013 will be to turn $150.00 into at least $2,000.00. This is going to be a challenge as I am used to carrying a bankroll of over $4k as I play mainly 200NL on other sites, so the early stages of the year, having to grind out the micro-stakes is going to be tough to change my strategy up a little bit.

I wish everyone luck in their own TimeVault challenge and thank you for reading and certainly check back in for updates on my progress through the year.