... and I still suck at poker.

That's how long I've been playing poker and that's how it feels. I am playing most nights, I've bought PokerTracker, Leak Buster, Flopzilla and several books (not all read yet, to be fair), I watch videos almost nightly and I'm maintaining a notebook of poker strategy tips. However, I'm still struggling to understand were I am in a hand. 

For example, last night I decided to not play 2NL Zoom (my usual game) and switch back to 2NL 6-max. The plan was ABC poker and wait for good hands to come. Hand number 12: I get AA, great. I open raise for 3bb, and the player next to me 3-Bets. I 4-Bet. He 5-Bets all-in, I call. He shows AKo, I know he's a huge dog and yes I take the pot. Minus a $0.22 loss in an earlier hand, I'm practically doubled up. Fantastic. I want to leave right there and then, but stay.

90 hands later, my winnings are gone, whittled down giving me a graph that looks like a staircase blueprint. I have my buy-in plus around 3 cents extra, and I quit the table before that is gone. I decide to watch poker strategy videos on YouTube instead.

There was one fish at the table and I felt sure I would get his chips, but no. Twice he took mine. Top two pair busted by a straight and two pair (no pair in the hole cards) busted by a higher top two pair. Add to that high aggression by other players leaving me wondering if my top pair was beaten, I folded hands. I was winning small pots, blinds etc. but nothing to replace the hands that got to the turn or showdown.

I don't know how long this is going to take to get to a point were I have a reasonable understanding of where I am in a hand, but I hope it's soon.

It's not all bad news. I still have $71 in my account and I've withdrawn all but about $7 of "my money" (deposits), so it's mostly winnings. I haven't busted and reloaded yet, which I'm pleased about. The tools I've bought are useful but I feel I'm not using them optimally. Flopzilla is the latest purchase (bought a week or two ago) and seems like a powerful learning tool for helping you to understand the strength of hands and how ranges hit flops. Hopefully, that will help my game.

Whine over, carry on.