Poker is pretty much an obsession at the moment, I'm living, eating and breathing it. I've been reading a lot and using the Poker School courses to push my skills further, to get out of the tight-passive position I'm in at the moment.

I played a couple of tourneys last night, the OSL freeroll and I used a poker school ticket to try and win one of nine tickets for a larger tourney. I went pretty far but busted out as you do. However, last night I tried a couple of aggressive moves not typical of my play. Stuff I've read in strategy books, to take down a pot. For example, I was dealt A10h (can't remember my position), I put in a 4x raise, (I usually 3x but following the tips I increased it), and I end up with one opponent. I have position and the flop is dealt and I miss completely. The opponent puts in a good bet (not the silly little bets you often see), I think for a moment, longer than I usually do for a decision because I'm sensing an opportunity to steal this pot. Again, using the advice I'm reading in the literature, I raise, doubling his bet. The opponent folds. I say to myself, "Damn, this stuff works!" (well, this time).

This was a simple move and no doubt most of you are using it and much more sophisticated strategies too, but I've been playing fit or fold for weeks now that it's become automatic. As I read the strategy books, I'm becoming a little overwhelmed by the amount of information, but I'm starting to appreciate the large range of strategies out there. I'm starting to grasp that just because you don't have a hand better than Ace-high (or any hand for that matter), doesn't mean your have lost the hand yet. You often might, but it's not a foregone conclusion.

I'm in the known unknowns of my poker education, I'm starting to understand how much I don't know yet, but I feel like I'm starting to "get it". There's much more to the game than the two cards you are dealt.