Okay, this is my first blog, ever. I thought I'd start one to gather together small bits of advice, tips and pro-secrets (if they exist) in one place that make sense to me. Knowledge which I should learn and internalize, so this blog is as much for me as anyone. Already I'm realising I can anticipate a player's next move if I play showing weakness. The number of times I've limped in and thought "I'm going to get punished for that", then BOOM! 4x raise! Yep, I deserved that.

Right now, I'm concentrating on the Open League Freeroll and 0.01/0.02 cash tables. The former for the high final position, aiming to be in the top 6.25% or greater with an eye on the league, and the latter for the easy pace and moderate success.

Lots to learn. There's $50.83 in the bankroll, I'm 5 weeks into this experiment and $20.83 of the bankroll is lucky winnings (minus a few $ losses too). Not a bad start, but time to minimize the variance and drop the donkey play.