Dear fellow players,

Mr Right? Not quite sure why I chose that username, it was simply the first that came to mind. I'm not always right, but like everyone I like to be. I also suppose that being humble is not exactly one of my greatest qualities. I don't presume that I am better than others, or even more often right than others. In fact I very much look up to people who are better at a certain activity than I am and am the type of person who asks tons and tons of questions to know EXACTLY what the issue is, as opposed to basically understanding a concept. This can be very time consuming because fully understanding a concept often requires looking at many exceptional examples as opposed to just reading the theory behind the concept.

I have an attention for detail and hence like to memorize probabilities and percentages. So for example when someone says I have a 50/50 shot of winning an all-in pot preflop because I have AK and they have 22, I just nod quietly. Inside my head I am just thinking "You're wrong, I'm right"  (AhKs vs 2c2d has 46.96% chance of winning and AhKh vs 2c2d has 49.916% chance of winning).

I'm not a maths geek, I can't figure out complicated mathimatical equations within seconds or anything like that. But I am competent with poker programs, applications, websites, softwares and servers. Through all of these one can easily find the answers to ones questions.

I started playing poker 8 years ago but did not touch a deck of cards for the last 10 months. I have made it a resolution of mine to give another bash at poker, and hence am starting anew, as of 3 days ago. My goal? To make 5000$ within the next 6 months. So by the end of July 31st 2012, I want my pokerstars cashier to show me 5000$ more than what it shows on the 1st of January 2012.

I am prepared to play any type of game, but my favourites so far are SNG's, MTT's, 6max and full ring cash games, freerolls and satelites. Just been reading up about omaha and pot limit/limit holdem so they may well be added to the list at some point in time.

Wish me luck, since although one should not rely on it, it never hurts

Yours truly,
Mr Right