Well, I withdrew my bankroll from Fulltit, at least the majority of it. Over a year of hard work to build 200 dollars into 2700 dollars, the dreaded (conspiracy theorists talk ) 10 times the deposit profit zone! During the last year or so, in fact during my poker playing life, a brief episode so far of around 3 years, I have had a few swings, half a dozen really bad beats here n there but overall Ive always had faith in the odds. But wow can some things change your mind! Bad beat after bad beat for last few weeks on full tilt. I mean in the last week alone I have had, full house flops being done twice by quads hitting on the turn and river and Aces or over-pairs being beaten 15 out of 18 times in all in pre flop situations when in challenging positions. Its a swing to me that is about ten times worse than my worst ever. I was down to about 2400 dollars and decided that something is broken and I'm out. Or at least I have taken out the 2k and made a smaller investment here of a couple of hundred Euros to see how it feels. I know its just a weird bad swing, downturn, whatever and yes I believe that bad beats are good poker players best friends (I read the book) but if something is going to gnaw away at you or affect your confidence then its silly staying around when there is so much choice available. So here I am.. back to building my modest little roll, hopefully into something that can make a difference. I was just playing in a wayyyyyy tooooooo biggggggg a field freeroll which I thought would give me a vibe. 7696 players and just came in about 200th. Omaha Pot Limit Hi Lo. A great game, I love it but have never really played it consistently to see if I would make a profit. The theory should be the same regards to profit tho, Be in that top 10% of your opponents to break even, top 5% and you can make a few quid! Update... Well, I was feeling ok with the style of play so played a little 4.40 sng with 180 players. At 40 remaining I was in about twelfth place when someone about equal stack pushed all in, only to bump into my aces. Ha, here we go again, busted my aces. Leaving me with baby stack, next hand I stole, then got kings for a quick chance to get back into a pay position, got called my all in utg by q6 of hearts in the blinds who rivered me with a flush.. What a farce this game is sometimes.