Hi guys,

Recently have been having issues with my bankroll management. I have had some enormous profits on my first maximum deposits, about 400% in a week. Then I loose this profits (e.g. huge tilts) and take a break, then start grinding and make some sick moves on the higher levels.  Somehow I have been doing pretty decent at 30sng, but then I decided (only god knows why) to play 5/10$ HU. As a result the guy stacked me in two hands both with trips on low cards. Sadly one hand I had top top and the other one I had top two pairs. Well those were not bad hands since the guy was quite aggressive. Here is what I hope you to learn from my two huge mistakes - do not be greddy, play the levels where you dont care about having an epic bad run. I am greddy here is the result - busted. Patience Patince. And again patience. It will make you successfull. I would like to quote my fav character from Boardwalk Empire, Arnold Rothstein:

"Some days I make 20 bets. Some days I make none. Weeks, sometimes months in fact, when I make no bets at all because there simply is no play. So I wait, plan, marshal my resources and when I finally see an opportunity and there is a bet to make, I bet it all."

I really hope for myself that this time I learned my lesson. :-D   good luck on the tables