Howdy everybody,
   Its early yet and waiting for the first PSO of the day, drinking my coffee and reading the blogs. And then
it occured to me. After the last few months of seeing, reading, hearing all the concerns and complaints.
I had a thought, UH, Oh.  Naah really. Maybe the PSO can design a level format that is earned by good
play that is set up to let the players play within their own skill level. The existing format is a mix, which has good points and bad points. For instance, I am not active this month (Feb). So I can play loose this month and when I am on tilt. I can really play like a donk (if I wanted to). I dont, but that option is there. the way it is now it is a donk fest every single game. Skill doesnt really show up but for a few hands during the whole tourney. Now if we had a skill level system the donks can stay where they are , the mediocre players can earn there way to a better skill level to the players who have refined their craft,
and really take serious - the play, the learning , the commaraderie, etc. As it stands right now the PSO
is a ring table for play money, and a cash prize at the end of the month, nothing in common with the goals intended by the forefathers/mothers of the PSO.
   Something to think about. Please ,Please, Please let me know how any of you think.
                                                                                                       Thanx and GL everyone,