Why is it called Poker Skills when every hand is a set up or a suck out. I am not whining or crying. This is a legitimate complaint. I have heard from the really "skilled" players and the mediocre poker players which I consider myself. I'm no moron and either is the "skilled players". And I have seen nothing but hand after hand of complete "set ups" from the cards dealt. Designed in position to suck out or set up the players to create action and make the best of the best saying " no friggin way is this possible hand in and hand out ". Which defies the odds and everything else that a true poker player plays by. I dont think I am the only one has noticed this. I have mentioned it during tourney play and had a comment " your talking silly ".
   Well, I am furious at the moment. Ive been charting alot of data and took into consideration that people have bad streaks ,yada yada yada, But I played six tourneys in a row with a loss of roughly 60 points and it isnt even 8:00 yet. Any one who cares to say that " I just can't play send me a personal message" I'll be glad to discuss it with them. All my knockouts were pockets against pockets ( everyone at the table having pockets) / mega suckouts on the river/ etc. etc.
  My main beef is that none of the "skills" that the school teaches mean a damn thing when the hands are designed to make the best look like friggin idiots. And I feel for the really good players who have to endure this crap hand after hand. And also have to put up with the Donks and their tyrades. 
 GL to all the legitimate poker players and the ones who are "really trying" to be better poker players. Such as I 
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