Before beginning I would like to thank JWK24 and (somewhat Ironically) Fadyen, who both helped me overcome my trouble with the hand replayer to get this up.

The PSO TCOP has been going quite well for me so far. It's very much a case of quanitity over quality however, as due to my schedule at the moment I've been lucky enough to be able to play all but one event (I sat out the FL Badugi).

Those of you who've met me at the table during the last few days will know that I've been running very very well, and have managed to cash in 9 of the 13 events I've played. However my luck has abandoned me at the final table with two 8th place, four 7th place, one 3rd and two 2nd place finishes. I'm still eyeing up that first place overall prize but I imagine I'm gonna need to buck up my game at the final table to get there.

Back to the point at hand, here is my knockout hand of Fadyen from Real Money Event 10. A battle of the blinds gone wrong, and the hand kind of plays itself really. For some context, Fadyen had just lost about 2/3 of his stick when his aces were cracked.

I went on to take a strong chip lead at one point, but then fell back a bit and ended up finished in third.