Congrats to all of july winners ..not to bad here 124th overall with only 30 games played for the month - hope to play more this month..Am very much enjoying reading the members blogs...I am learning alot about players . its nice to be able to understand some of these players and why they play like they do ..myself I just play when i can...I am a father of 3 little ones which we all know takes alot of your time but hope fully i can play a few more touneys than last month..just got to watch those all in hands at start of tourney because even if you have best hand going in ..there are always callers that shouldnt even be in the hand and suck out and there goes your tourney ... think we all have been sucked out on and all have sucked out at times AAAAHHHH but thats poker got to take the good with the bad. last month had 1 - 1st place finish and 1 or 2 last place or close to it so it depends on the day but am happy with over all results ..Good Luck to you all in August