Hope you all get to exsperience this kind of play - was playing the 2010-07-16 17:30:00 PSO Skill League No Limit - got moved to a room with (aangel1113)(-Bbgbob66)-(Six-days-dan)-(Natedog2004)-and Donnaf711 This was one of the best Tourneys I have ever played yet -Yes i enjoyed my first place win the other night However this Tourney took the cake -- WOW what awesome players there was alot of great conversation between us all alot of Laughing and just having a great time! I felt like i was playing with some of the best players here in the league -not alot of donk plays from these players - i finished somewhere around 51st but it wasnt the point of where i finished it was the point of Played in an awesome room with awesome players Enjoyed myself and left the tourney Happy ! Hope everyone here gets to play in a room like this.