Well, I highly doubt anyone will be reading this but here goes. 

I've been playing poker since i was 14. Started with fun games of 5 card draw with my neighbours to end up playing online at the age of 16. Now at the age of 21, still learning the tricks of the trade, playing almost all posible poker types here on PokerStars I spend time learning about the game I love.

I'm a bit of a reckless player with my playstyle varying a lot in short periods of time. Don't consider myself patient tho, but playing poker I got more sence of the word. At the start of my online poker "carreer" I would enroll a freeroll and be like "F*ck it! Let's roll" but in time I grew more and more serious about it. My lack of patience is a killer tho, since at times I don't "feel" like sitting around 2h+ playing the same game but I get used to it on other days.

My problem is i can't evaluate on my play nor game strategies thinking it's average and not caring much, and that is something that gets me into a few bad beats on stupid hands, but everyone is diferent and so is their playtype. I tend to go over my head sometimes and jump in some decisions too quickly, but I find it fun that the spontaneosity + the constant game fliping can sometimes trap my opponents into thinking they got me beat.

Another one of my problems is that I can't stay focused on one game only, I always have to do something on the side, either another game, solitaire, heck! I somtimes even read books or do sudoku. 

But to conclude this little chit chat, here I'll try to note my good,bad and the worst in my daily routine of wreaking havoc on the freeroll turneys. 


Wishes of good cards,