First off let me say i am glad to be back into the PSO community. my name is John and i live in Hilltop, WV. I was once in the PSO for 1 month when at bugsys club back in 03 i think and that 1 month i did nothing but study on holdem. before that one month in PSO when i did freerolls (beginner in game) i never last 20 minutes. i was in to many pots and no sense on when to fold. After that 1 month in PSO i joined a free roll and won it. talk about big confidence booster. Then i said lets see if i can play live action. i did 3 straight 20.00 mtts in local area and finished in top 3 all three days. my biggest wins came in a 120.00 buy in event where i took first not once but in back to back events i did winning 10,000.00 for each event. that was in Jan 07. then i started playing online in 07 for low limits mtts. then in feb 08 i went on a really good week at stars. i won a 33.00 mtt for a little over 3,000.00 and on the week counting my sngs won a little over 7,000.00 But my game isnt where i like it to be i am sporadic with long dry runs in between profitable streaks. I like to think im fairly strong player in the no limit holdem games and razz (my 2 favorites) but with strong play in these games i still have leaks that i find to be minor ones. and i would love to try to mend these leaks. my weakest game is the omaha games.

Well its 2010 now and still on a dry spell. I will be going to have knee surgery Dec 1st, so i wont be missing many PSO games for at least 13 days.  Maybe then ill get into the top 50 since i cant play many due to work conficts with game times.