After several days of getting average results in the Skill League Tourneys, I decided today that I would put my Leader Board Points at more risk than usual and open up my play to some hands that I normally excluded pre-flop. I started playing more of my lower end pairs. I usually don't play my pairs under TT but today I included pairs no matter what the rank and found that my 22's won as much as my AA's when a set was flopped, however stand alone after the flop on the lower pairs under TT usually ( almost always) lost to a bigger pair, trips, or flush. As well I started using more of my suited connectors (all of them), and connectors unsuited down to TJ. 

Overall I still placed about the same on average in the four tourneys I played today, but I can see where used properly and with a great amount of caution, these non premium hands can add the needed edge to put your chip count up in the top 10 percent of finalist at most tables.

I think another day of experimentation  may teach me a bit more. I love playing tight-aggressive, but it seems that most of the time it just barely get me into the money. I need to find a place between tight and loose and learn to creatively bluff a little (I never do). Perhaps the bluffs and a few non premium hands are what I need to put my game over the top.

Until tomorrow night. Good Luck!