I have been very busy over the past week preparing for the holidays, which interrupted my fun and study time at PokerSchool Online.  It will probably be this way until after Christmas, not a bad thing though.  But I have been taking notes for myself when I do have a chance to take a quick peek in on the forum or blogs.  There is so much helpful information and so many willing to help others, it's very encouraging.


Made some notes of what I would like to accomplish in 2013.  Some call them resolutions, some call them goals...same thing really.  Well here's what I would like to work towards in the new year:


1.  Build more confidence in my betting/game play.  Due to losing more than winning in the past, I find myself resisting aggression and worrying more about losing than focusing on winning.  I need to be more confident without becoming arrogant.


2.  Devote a minimum of 20 hrs/wk to study/play time on PSO/PokerStars.


3.  Stay within my BR limits as a Serious Player.


4.  Increase my profit by a minimum of $500/mth.  This will obviously adjust if I'm doing very well.  I will definitely take any profit over and above $500.  Just trying to be reasonable without getting greedy.


5.  Ask for help instead of trying to do it alone.  I have always preferred to work alone, but I can see I need outside input in order to make this work successfully.


6.  Increase my VPP VIP status.  To what?  I'm not sure yet, depends on how well I am doing in my progression.


That's all I have for now, will probably add more as the year moves forward. 


I did create a special spot online to keep track of some info during my progress.  It's a special site (membership only) to record my progress of goals/BR/game play etc to share with my children.  They are both adults and have busy lives of their own.  With this site, they can go at any time and see my progress and offer words of encouragement or give input of any problem areas they may see.


I hope everyone has a great holiday and I look forward to progressing with you all in the New Year.


See you at the tables