So I'm sitting here with some time to kill before a live training session starts and was trying to I play some poker or write an update to my blog.  It hasn't been going as well as it was since my last I share my downswings?  It wouldn't be helpful for others if I didn't.  We can't shine all the time.


So cash tables are definitely easier for me to handle, except when I am feeling overly confident ugh down about $60.  Still struggling in the MTT, but pushing forward.  I will get it eventually.


The poker basics course threw me for a loop, repeatedly.  I studied, watched the videos, took the quiz...failed.  Studied some more, watched the videos, took the quiz...failed.  Ugh.  Studied, watched videos...passed!! but just barely.  I wasn't sure what the problem was until the last time I took the quiz.  The suggested areas to re-read, according to the quizes, were with starting hands, position, betting and odds.  But I understood it, so what is the problem?  During the last quiz, I realized I was answering the questions using my old non-strategy game play.  I hadn't noticed I was doing it before and don't understand why I was doing it.


I know my game play at the tables needs some work and I try very hard to not revert back to my old style of playing, but maybe I am doing so without realizing it.  Maybe that's what my problem is with MTT's and I don't see it.  It would be so helpful to have someone sit here with me keeping me on track, but that's not an option.  I have been trying very hard to make a go of this on my own with minimal help, but I think I need to seek help even if I feel I don't need it.  Will be posting hands and questions in the forum for evaluation and advice....and a smack in the back of the head if needed lol.


I can do this, I know I exactly do you teach an old dog new tricks?  That might be the secret ingredient that I'm missing lol


See you at the tables