Earlier today, I wrote a blog titled 'Setting Reasonable Goals' which I am proud of.  But I am very proud of myself for what I discovered after writing the blog.


The last course I had read through before posting that blog was 'Purposes of Betting'.  I had not yet reached the courses regarding goals, bankroll management, etc.  There is great potential here, I'm ahead of the game!!


I have always lived in a logical world using common sense.  Although a great deal of poker uses strategy, a great deal also just needs some common sense.  I realized what mistakes I have been making, made note of them, and then started taking action to change them using the new knowledge I have.  I've set goals in order to create limits/boundaries so I don't start abusing the game or my bankroll.  If I stay within my comfort zone, I won't hurt my game play...although my comfort zone can expand at any time when I feel comfortable and decide to change it.  I am still in the learning stages and going outside my comfort zone could push be back into playing the way I use too...losing more often then winning.


I haven't yet set the goal to become a PokerStar, but if that's in my future I won't say 'No'.  But I'm not in a hurry to get there either.  I am going to use common sense and progress at a rate that will be positive instead of negative.  Right now my goal is to move from being a 'recreational' player to a 'serious' player.


Now to just conquer those MTT/STT.  I just have to find a way to take what I can do at the cash tables and apply it to the tourneys, then I'll be just fine.


See at the tables