Update: Still having better game play at cash tables than MTT.  Working on that.  Started Dec. 2 with a $30 bankroll, am now sitting on $205 woot!!  Going slow and steady.


I decided I should set some starting goals and boundries to work towards instead of just winging it everytime I play, so here's what I've set for myself:


1. Accept the fact that I will not always have the cards to win with, know what to play, when to play and, most important, know when to stop.


2.  Leave a cash table when I have doubled my starting amount or if I'm losing, leave when I have lost half my starting amount.  Come back later and try again.


3.  Don't give up on the MTT.  Use what I have learned and make it work in my favor.


4.  Don't work on just reaching the winner's circle in MTT.  Work on getting as close to #1 as I can or reaching #1 position.


Mistakes I realized I have been making all these years were:


- playing too many hands

- playing known losing hands to the showdown, hoping for some luck

- ignoring table position

- not betting/raising when I should - still having a problem with this in MTT but not at cash tables

- trying to bluff but being weak about it




- don't sweat over folded winning hands. ignore them completely.

- don't get upset with your choices, will only hurt your game play

- don't let other's get you upset, will also hurt your game play

- don't sit there looking at your screen begging, hoping, wishing, or crossing your fingers for the cards you want to see....play the game in front of you using what you have learned.

- don't play hands you know have low odds of winning

- don't pick away at your bankroll, if you're losing...walk away before it's too late.


I was worried that it would stop being fun if I started taking it more seriously, but it's been quite the opposite.  I am having more fun learning and winning and accomplishing any goals I'm setting for myself.


Still more studying to do and more fun to have.

See you at the tables