1. Easier to use new knowledge at cash tables than tourneys/sitngoes.  I can remain relaxed and focus at cash tables along with having patience, end result..profit.  In tourneys/sitngoes, I start feeling the pressure to increase my chips in order to stay in the game.  End up reverting back to my old game play hoping for some luck.  Stop it!!!


2. Still resisting raising preflop.  Need to feel more secure with my hand.  Need to show I feel strong about my hand.  And stop playing hands you know you should fold.


3.  Have always entered tourneys with the thought to just make it in the winning circle.  Need to tighten this up to....be the winner!  If I leave the end game open for options I may not put the effort into making it to the end of the game.


4.  Keep studying, participate in the league more, be patient.  It's a slow process and will take time to adjust and succeed.  End of day, still ended up $20 ahead...but it should have been $40.


You can do this!!