I have been a poker player for many many years, only as a hobby, for fun.  I've lost more than I've won, which isn't really that much fun, but enjoying the game and the players has been the 'fun' factor for me.  Even though I have picked up tips along the way, I have decided to start taking it more seriously and actually learn the best tools for the game.


Yesterday, I read through a bit of the 'Poker Basics' here in Pokerstars school, got bored, took the test...wow I don't know as much as I thought I did.  I failed badly on the test.  This lead me to realize that my arrogance blinded me into thinking I was a good poker player with bad luck.  Not the case at all.  I am actually a very low skilled poker player that needs to take the time to study and learn.  I took some time to clear my mind and erase what I thought I knew about the game, then I went back to 'Poker Basics', carefully started reading through each section.  After fully studying the first few sections, I decided to play some poker to see if I had what it took to play the game successfully.


Starting with a $30 at a cash table, in a few hours I almost tripled it to $85.  'Know when to fold' is the most important detailed I learned in this study session.  In the past, I would play the hand out even if I was in a bad standing position.  Always waiting for luck to win me the game.  It's not about luck, it never was.  It's knowledge and strategy that will help you win this game.


These blogs are going to consist of my personal notes and success for myself to help me learn and record my progress.  I chose to share them with you in the hopes to help you in achieving your goals as well.


See you at the table