Do success, right?
How does it feel?
Moments of joy bursting from vivid memories or enthusiastically present, moments that  fill us with optimism and many enthusiasm.Just that the road to success is so popular topic.It is updated every day with her charisma and can be explained by the inexhaustible desire of people to obtain the maximum satisfaction.What more natural than that?
Then why do not we get?
Because of all possible stories, but the reality is quite another thing.
We want to live in harmony has 4 major
-well-a favorite pastime and material prosperity
- social contacts, excellent relationships with fami ly, friends, acquaintances
-physical health-
-spiritual health and selfHere's a guess-road passes through three stages.
-to understand what we
-to create a solid plan to get it
-to act immediately
Do you agree? Sounds logic. Maybe there are other options?
Assuming the above statement for real, then we agree that this is the way to achieve each objective or project.And now, let the answer to your question:
   "I know now, this life that I dream?"
    If the answer is not 100% "Yes", then:
       - Or worse you imagine what you want;
       - Or actions remind you of the chaotic movement of molecules;
       - Or you have not set a firm intention to achieve your goal, you have not moved from contemplation to action;
       - Or have given up because of internal difficulties and fears.All people in these or similar situations need to be modified.
   What? It is not possible to respond to all :wink:
   Self-knowledge and approval is a lengthy and difficult process.
   We will treat you with a few sentences of authority in this area:
  "What is success, if not capable of understanding?" Og Mandino
  "Our thoughts are very strong, they determine what happens in our lives and what results from this work." John Kalench
   You may not understand how thoughts materialize, you can not imagine it and explain, but if you want to just accept it!
  "There are some things that do not need to know how they work. Most importantly, they work. While some people explore the roots, others reap the rewards. Just depends on which side you want to stay "Jim Ron
   To emphasize the importance of what we think about ourselves for success within a human lifetime, we will quote Anton Chekhov:
  "Man is what he believes."
   I wish to travel to calm ourselves and clear vision to the smallest detail of the ideal future that you want, and allegedly gone intend to go through all stages to achieve the target.