As a new player I'm very impressed when watching Basic MTT video by ChewMe1 recorded on 19th Sept. 2012.This basic lesson really important to improve my poker skill.Every poker player must mastered this basic knowledge if you want to go far in poker.It has open my mind and give me a clear picture how to play poker.

           Things like you don't really have to play every hand to win.Just becouse your cards looks preety,it doesn't mean you have to play it.A strong hand can be worse after flop and a weak hand can be better,but it doesnt maen you have to see every flop.

            One more thing is how important your position is.Sometimes when we really comfortable with our cards but becouse we are out of position we must be very careful to play especially when we're facing a strong player(s).  

             The most meaningful lesson to me is how to play with conviction.My game improve a lot when i understand what is playing with conviction really mean.Avoid limping,either to bet ,raise or re-raise or just fold when you're not confident with your hand.ChewMe said standard playing can win you money.I'm totally agree with this.When you're playing by book,it is hard for your opponent to knock you out.By book i mean you must understand basic yet very important stuff in poker.Things like the size of your bet,when to raise or re-raise,when to fold,when to shove or to call an all-ins base on your position,stack and pot size,and how to evaluate your hand strength.

             One thing I can't understand is how to bluff.It never works to me.I'm always get called when I try to bluff,but as a new player I don't think we have to bluff often.Just playing standard game and you can win.Lastly I want to say thank you to PokerStar for giving me a chance to be a part of your community.Finally I found something I like to do  and good doing it.For PokerStar Online School, you guys(ChewMe of course) really improve my skill.Keep up the good works.

Thank you very much.