I have to get on my soap box today folks. Events last night compell me to speak out.  Last night there was a vicious attack on one of our members because her avatar shows her with her boyfriend. They are a mixed couple. One of our more childish members used this for an excuse to spew bile about her, and  her being with a "Obama supporter" . Thankfully several people came to her defense. This is wrong. Why should anyone be subjected to this sort of attack, it has nothing to do with  poker, the PSO or anything else. Yes, this bothers me more because of the time I grew up in, the 60's in the south. I saw firsthand the effects of racism, the seperate water fountains, the seperate entrances in doctors offices, the entire gambit of hatred and fear. And yes , I am white. Does not matter, it was a shameful time in history and cannot be allowed to rear its head again. The shame I feel today that  the game I enjoy , the league I support wholeheartedly,  has sunk to this. I could not sleep last night, this has really effected me to that extent.
 How can we as human beings sink so low?  Yes, times are tough, but does that mean we attack those who think differently? Diversity breeds ideas, leads to change, improves society as a whole. My screenname is not for show, it reflects my beliefs.  Yes, I  am a hippie, in all the good things that the word reflects. 
 Well, now that my blood pressure is through the roof, I'll  end with this. The one who spewed the bile calls himself Christian. I really doubt that any god worth the title would want its followers acting that way. Think  about that before  embarrassing yourself again (and you know who your are) I'm not  gonna speak his name here, not gonna futher his warped search for  his 10 seconds of fame. To the humans among us, have a good one!! (a saddened and disappointed) Lasthippie