I bet everybody that has invested their time and money in online poker sites is kicking their selves in the ass right about now. Reading post after post about how people are slowly building their bankrolls and their dreams about becoming pro. Well i played the sites for what i could get from them went out on a posative note once i seen that there was a problem with the e-check processors debiting after 2 to 3 months. I stiffed them for around 2 grand got the rush of playing some of the bigger tournys with  the same results.    
  Yes the US government are bullys but theese sites are cheats. its as easy as a click of the mouse. Online poker is a insult to the game and the pros that endorse them are sellouts, i have no respect for the pros that endorse onlinepoker and will boycotte them all.

And the gov. will keep on making their rules and the sheep will still follow  john 2:32