If you are having difficulty progressing on the July leaderboard please comment on these ideas:

1. It's a single tournament with the blinds and chips reset every 4 hours so there is no need to bust out before you can afford the penalty of losing league points. If you (1500 league points) can stay calm and not get busted until two thirds of the field is gone you are now in the black and can play poker like a wounded animal. You will have a peceived advantge at that time because you have only your 'current' chip stack to lose. Not the new chip stack you get in 3 1/2 more hours.

2. Oh oh! If you (2000 league points) can psych your way through the mine field of 'Rookie Raisers' and still have a chip and a chair when 5/6th's of the field is gone you are safe but dead on the water unless you caught a nice hand which you certainly have the 'skills' to do. But you are at a perceived disadvantage since your penalty for an early bust is quite high.

3. The rest of you clearly know how to pick your spots and excercise a chip advantage when you have it. How many times do you want to let somebody try and roll a six when you are covered?

Is it a carnival or war at cards?