When I began playing poker, I had big dreams, I had goals, and I was a heckuva good player for a no0b. After I learned to play, I started teaching all of my friends to play. Eventually, I was writing more about poker than I was playing it. My brain sort of turned to mush. Well there are a few goals I'd like to get back on track! For one I want to play in the ladies event at next year's WSOP, so I need to get back on track with that. I've also turned poker into my own solitaire game if you will. I know HOW to play, but I sort of set auto pilot and just donk off some chips throughout the day. I do keep a chart of my winnings, and I am generally a winning player, occasionally a break even player, and overall, just spinning my wheels, passing time at the tables while I work. I decided today to make a bit of a change. I won't just be a cog in the machine, I've decided to take the PSO course, take it seriously, and even though I could probably write a lot of the beginner stuff myself, I'm going to get back to the basics and get ready for next years WSOP. I'm excited.