I'm a very new player, I am only 18.

Before I started playing on PokerStars, I played some live poker in my local casino, I literally sat at a table as soon as I turned 18, I played some cash games and racked up about £78 which is quite a nice haul for a starter.

Anyway that isn't the story...

Once upon a time, I played a tournament with a buy in of £10, it was my first real money tournament ever and to be very honest, I was nervous, I was competing against about 56 people, I was the youngest there...

At the start of the tournament I was playing super tight, only playing strong premium hands, taking into consideration my position.

Because of my lack of hands, my blinds were going down... so I decided, I need to play more hands, anyway so on a game changing hand for myself, I was sitting with pocket 10s, a hand I will happily play. I am on the button here and a few people call the big blind, comes to me, I 3-bet my pocket 10s, two people call... The flop shows 10 A A, I flopped a full house, they raise by about pot-size, I call after a little time, The turn shows a 10, I just made QUAAAAADS! He decided he would go all in... I instantly call, the river shows a 4, I win the pot and knock him out... a real confidence booster.

I played very meticulously throughout the midstages of the tournament...

A few hands and a few pots one, a few people knocked out and I'm sitting comfortably.

We are now down to 20 people, I'm sitting with the 3rd biggest stack.

I start playing a lot more tighter now as we are getting close to the final table, I don't play a lot of hands to preserve my stack for when I need it, we move to the last 3 tables when we are down to 18 people, 6 on each... The chip leader ended up on my table, he was sitting with about 25% more chips than me...

We end up in a hand together, I am given Ks-Qs suited... one of my favourite starting hands... action folds to the button... its the chip leader, he raises 3-times the my big blind, I call..

Flop shows Js 10s Kd.

I flop a royal flush draw...

I check

He raises a pot-size bet...

I call...

Turn shows a 9s... I JUST GOT A STRAIGHT FLUSH!

I check...

He raises all-in...

I think about it, I just got the nuts so I know I'm going to win the pot, I knew he had A-Q, I call, Our cards turn, I was right, he looks heartbroken as he sees my cards, I smile, I've just became the chip leader by a long haul, he has dropped down to a quarter of what I had before.

We end up at final table, I start to change my game, taking advantage of my huge stack, I began to grind and bully at the smaller stacks at the table, called a few all-ins against the very small stacks, EASY KNOCKOUTS. We are down to 3 players, I change my tactic again, I play very tight, letting the two smaller stacks knock eachother out, it happens!

I'm heads up in my first poker tournament ever!

His stack is 1/4 compared to my 3/4... the first hand of heads up, he goes all in, I insta-call with pocket 10 (same suits as my quads previously)...

He has pocket 6.

The flop is 10 10 3

Turn 4

River A


A nice sum of money £300

I was congratulated with the money and a lot of surprised faces and compliments, I got a lot of "How even old are you?" and "How long have you been playing then?"

I am now a little bit of a celebrity at that casino!

Thats how, I turned £10 into £300 on my first ever tournament!

I hope to become one of the best live players in the world!

I'm still 18. I have a long time to become the best!