Last saturday I was playing at a 6-max 10nl table and got really really bored... so i figured it would be cool to play some HUsngs. I played for 24hs straight or something... and... lost a lot. I didn't play only 3.5s. As I felt more confident, I decided to play 10$ko hu tournaments (hanging myself is my field of expertise). It was a shot I took with 2/3 of my BR, and lost... I didn't see a problem losing so much, since I really felt like I was learning and knew I could win it back on the cash tables, where I was doing quite good. The reason for taking the shot at higher levels was not just for playing poker and feeling good about myself. This was the reason:



Yeah, I want to get a tuba now. I'm a musician, and fell in love with the instrument lately. I've been going to a friend's house to play on his tuba (I hope this doesn't sound too bad) for a while and decided to buy one for myself. Instead of buying with my life roll, I decided to try to get it via poker.

After my failiure last week I just knew I had to study and learn more, so I decided to look for a hu study group in the forums. Since I also fell in love with HU poker, I didn't want to go back to the 6-max tables. I couldn't find a group on HUsngs so I started a thread in the "community meet up" section in hopes of finding a study partner. CannonLee promptly responded to my thread ( inviting me to joing his HU skype group.

As soon as we started chatting via skype Sverigelottn asked me to send hhs from my last husng, and as soon as I did he gave me some solid tips (which I pasted in a txt file in my desktop and read it every time I started playing). Then we played a playmoney match at their homegame (yeah, I won it, and love bragging about it!), which also helped me a ton. Since then I've been getting good advices from everyone there and have been showing a good profit at the 3.5s (won back $100).

I never thought people could be so helpfull, I found a group to discuss hands and got some confidence from them too. Today I made a good run in the 11$ saturday duel (eliminated in 64th place for a 46$ win). During the game they railed me and gave me a good support, which helped me to keep focus and not donk my way out. I ended up being eliminated by a sng wizzard that thas 35k+ in winnings... I can't feel too bad about that.

The next goal I set for myself is not to grind up to the 100husngs or become a poker pro, but to buy the Tuba. So all I need is to cashout 400-500$ and I'll be able to disturb my neibors at any time! I figured I need to have at least 800 in my account, and cashout half of it, so I need to win about 600 starting today. I'm creating a topic on my Project Tuba at the "challenges and battle ground" section for anyone who wants to see how I'm doing and give me some support. I'm kind of lazy with posting results, so I gess I'll just post my daily winnings/losses and maybe some hands. Graphs are cool, so I got myself tracked on sharkscope and pokerprolabs for anyone who wants to see me digging myself out of my tournament winnings hole (if I ever manage to do so). And for those who follow the post, I promise to post a video of me playing the tuba as soon as I achieve my goal (maybe that's more of a reason not to follow the thread).

So at the moment I'll just follow my two newest passions, HUsngs and the darn Tuba. With the help of the group I really think I can make it. I'm starting to read Moshman's book and trying to follow Andre's trainning sesisons also. But having a study group is the best way I found to learn so far.

Thanks again CannonLee, Sverigelottn, and the HU group. You gave me just the support I needed!

And for those who read the entire message, thank you for your time. Now, if I can ever give a poker advice to someone it will be "find a study group in whatever form of poker you want to learn!"