I have just got back to playing the 1.50ko 90man sngs. As I started running good in one table I decided to register in another one, and after running good on that one I poped up another one. Well, multi-tabeling is not my forte, to be quite frank I just suck at it. But the rush was too great, getting pocket aces back to back and stuff like that, I just had to do it. When multi-tabeling I awlays tend to do some silly mistakes, and the one I made today was quite quite silly. This is my donk of the day:

I thougth it would be a good idea to limp AT in position after a couple of limpers. The player UTG (who's screen name is  HU'S UR DADDY) fires a 1bb bet and two other players fold behind. As I was playing three tables, railing some pokerstars pros playing in scoop events and watching a stupid movie on tv, and as I suck even more when multi-tabeling, I didn't realize there were still two players left to act. Certain to be heads up against the min better I decided to raise his bet expecting a fold most of the time. Big blind calls, UTG calls, and I realize that in fact there were other players involved in the hand. The Queen peels off on the turn and the donk power inside me doesn't let me give up on a play that was doomed since the beginning (what could I be representing there on that flop?). Funny thing is, when I decided to raise a flop bet against what I thought to be only one opponent I would give up on the turn if he/she called, or folded to a re-raise. But knowing that I was against two opponents I still try to take the pot down on the turn and put more than half of my 26bb stack on the turn (shipping it would have been a much better crazy aggro line). As frustrated as I was to see the re-raise from the big blind I was also happy to see UTG folding (yeah, I knew he could fold!), and then I fold too, and keep my 600 chips....:roll:
I just hope I don't get banned from pokerstars for chip dumping. That was just sheer stupidity. Yes I'm a fish, but at least HU'S UR DADDY is not my daddy.