In november of the previous year I made a deposit of $20 and starded building a bankroll  playing mostly .25c 90man sngs, 50c 90man sngs and 1.50 90man KO sngs. It all started very well. After winning a little over 100 bucks I really felt like I had mastered enough poker knowledge to play poker in a very proffitable way. But just as everything was going well, things started to go sour. In 2 days I lost about 100 bucks (which to me, a microstakes player with a starting bank roll of $20 is a lot... I can remember that when I starded out preserving the stack was something that I would really take into account before making any kind of play. Before every single move there was some sort of gut feeling that made me nervous and insecure in every step of the decision making process. I was overthinking every move, and could actually be inclined to fold AA in on a tricky board. Some time ago I remember giving a tip to a friend of mine that was starting to play, and the tip was, "More important than winning is not busting!" Maybe that's where the problem lies, I don't think about going bust any more. I do, when I remember to, but there is no more of that constant feeling that made me clock down thinking on the actual best decision to make. There is no more bad feelings attached to playing poker, no more insecurity. My heart doesn'st beat faster when I'm about to call off a huge bluff (that in most of the cases were not bluffs after all), or when I'm value owning my opponent with the nuts. These bad feelings really made me overthink my plays, being responsible for the little success I had for that short time with my little poker knowledge. Even after losing a ridiculous portion of my bankroll this sense of insecurity is not back. Little thought combined with a feeble poker skill results in goofy donky plays. Thus I created this blog to post my biggest goofs as they happen. I hope this helps me to think more about how to invest those damn chips. If it doens't help me at all, it still might help some other poker player in need of feeling better about his or her game.

And since this is a goofy plays blogg, here is the first goofy play I made today. It was in a HU SNG when I got subborn with my top pair in a situation where top pair would be beat 100% of the time, unless the
opponent were myself.

 Why not just call 150 on the river hoping for top pair to be good? He could easily have two pair, a straight is obviously possible... but I just wanted to see that busted draw or whatever seeking desperately for a fold. Well, he didn't get the fold, and I didn't get the money.