I've cried, "uncle", thrown in the towel and given up.  The 5:30 was going OK.  I was in the top 35%, treading water & waiting for an opportunity.  And then I made a truly stupid mistake.  At the 150/300 level, I was in the SB with K-9 off-suit.  The hand was folded to me.  The BB had just over 700 chips after paying the blind.  I'm ahead of a random hand, he might fold & he can't bust me.  Looks like a good time to try & steal the blinds & antes.  So I shove.  Oops!!  There was a caller I hadn't noticed.  He called my all-in in a heartbeat and had A-Q.  I hit my king, but he hit a one card flush on the river.  Honestly, he deserved it. I concluded I'm burned-out & it's time to quit.

The answer to the blog title is No.  I just discovered the women's league.  Hopefully those tournaments will have a bit more play in them.  Also, that league won't take over my life, the way this league did in January, because there's only one tournament per day and to be honest, I'd rather play in a league where there are decent payouts for tournaments throughout the month not just one huge one at the end.  That's what I liked about the NAPL.

Also,  I'm not quite good enough to beat the League consistently.  I looked at my stats for the month and once I hit 1900 points, I will still earn points on the average, but only at the rate of half a point a tournament!  So I'd have to get to 1900 quickly and then play a TON of tournaments to wind up with a winning score.  Plus, I'm sure some of you have a higher rate of return than that.

One final tip.  Something that helped me do as well as I did this  past month was writing this blog.  I wanted to start it so that next year, I can qualify for the blogger tournaments.  I hesitated though, because I feared I would be helping my opponents.  Then I thought, no one's going to read it anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Writing it really helped me focus my thinking, as I hoped it would, and clarify my ideas.  Also, it kept me focussed during tournaments, because I would have to remember stuff that happened so I could write about it.  It was a place to let off steam after bad beats and, it helped me play better, because obviously, I did not want to have to blog about  how stupidly I was playing.  And finally,  there was the unexpected encouagement I received.  That helped a lot.  Thank-you.

So it's off to the women's league.  I'll keep blogging though.  It's fun.