The 1pm tournament has started badly.  I'm card dead and it looks like I'm definitely going to lose points.  I have to hang on now, take no chances & try & hit top 35%, which will not be good, but the dream will still be alive.  I'm under the gun, with 550 chips at 125/250 and I see pocket kings!  There's a a player at the table who has just under 1400 points, has managed to run up a big stack and loves to call raises.  Looks like I'm in good shape to double up.  I shove and she  . . . . FOLDS.  Geez, I have about 3% of your stack!  What's the matter, did the phone ring?  Did you pass out? Happily, the BB has pocket jacks and I double up anyway.  So now, if I'm careful, I can hit the high 20's and only lose about 1.5.  I'm very close to 30%, when I get 7-8 of clubs in the BB.  I'm hoping that everyone folds to me, which has been known to happen, even when I'm ridiculously short.  It gets to the SB who min-raises.  He has a stack of about 5,000 to my puny one of about 700 after paying the blind.  I think there's just too much chance he's messing with me without a really good hand, so I call.  The flop is good 10-8-4, rainbow.  He bets my last 110 chips.  I call & he has king high.  Another double up.  Now I can play cautiously & hit the top 22%, which will get me a few points.  Things are looking up!  I'm almost at 25% and pick up A-9 of clubs in middle position.  It's late enough in the tournament, that if I pick up the blinds & antes, I could cash.  I figure if everyone folds to me, this is too good to pass up.  It's folded to me, I shove & take the blinds & antes.  Hooray! ITM!  Wait a minute sister.  Not so fast.  The bubble is late AGAIN!  I'm one hand short and am the bubble boy - for the second time this week. But still, I'm now one cash away from catching Datzang.

More good news, the 3 pm has already started and my stack is about 1700.  I have pocket kings.  I raise & the guy behind me calls.  The flop is J-10-10 with 2 clubs.  Not great. I check, hoping to keep the pot small.  No such luck.  He bets a few hundred.  I should have folded.  Unless I hit a K on the turn (might as well try & win the lottery), I'm going to have to fold to a good-sized bet.  But I call and fold on the turn when another club hits.  So the blinds are now 50/100, my stack is about 1100 and I'm back to running the clock & hoping I don't lose too many points.  Oh well, this is how the last tournament started.  Something good could still happen. 

It's now about the last hand of 125/250. A new player arrived at the table a few hands before.  When I look him up, I see that he has no rating.  I guess he must be trying to get 5 tournaments in today to qualify for something next month.  Whatever his reason for being here, he's having a gay old time.  He seems to shove about every other hand and has run up a stack of just over 17,000. We're 5 people away from 35%, which is where I can try & make a move.  I have pocket 9's on the button.  There's one call and Sir Shoves-a-lot does.  I check the number of people left.  Three need to go.  My time bank starts, the number of people drops.  It hits 479 (35%) with about 10 seconds to spare.  I call; the limper folds and Sir Shoves shows A-8 off suit. Not bad.  According to Poker Stove it's 71% to 29%.  The flop is A-10-8. Geez.  Oh well, I could always back-door a straight. A miracle 9 hits the turn. What's the name of Barry Grennstein's book?  That's right "Ace on the River".  So now I'm about back to where I started the day.  And I've spent the last hour writing this to calm down.

Honestly, if I manage to cash in the 5:30, I think I'm just going to settle for wherever I get to.  My mental health and my heart can't take any more.