Four tournaments today & I'm exhausted!  I actually thought I'd be able to play five, but to tell you the truth, I should have quit after 3.

First up was the 1:00 pm.   There were four of us with high ratings all in a row.  The bad thing about that was that there was really no chance to chip up.  But the good thing was that no one would try & mess with my good hands and we all started running the clock like crazy at the 50/100 level.  I have never gone so deep and been that card dead.  From 125/250 through 200/400 we played FOUR hands per level! 

Then disaster struck.  I got moved.  I screamed Nooooo at my computer, but it didn't listen & moved me anyway.  Shortly after arriving at the new table, I took a shot with pocket 3'a and doubled up. Sadly, this table was playing 8 or more hands per level.  I didn't mind too much, because I was already in the top 20%, so I was getting points no matter what.  I went bust at 15.1% when my pocket 9's ran into pocket kings.

3 pm was the same story.  I was one round of the table away from cashing.  I couldn't pay the big blind at 500/1000 & so was all-in with 4-3 off-suit.  Someone shoved & there was one caller. Well, at least I had live cards.   I hit my three & neither of them hit anything.  In the money!

5:30 pm I got hit by the deck.  By the 150/300 level, I had almost enough chips, according to my chart, to sit & wait for the bubble to burst.  Then there were a couple of lucky bust-outs which saved me two big blinds & that did it.  Luckily my table was playing slowly enough.  My chart is based on six hands per level & there's often seven. ( I have to get around to doing a chart for seven hands per level).  The problem was - the bubble was five minutes late!! It's supposed to burst at 2 hours and twenty minutes, but it took five minutes longer than that.  That doesn't sound like much, but when you're just squeaking into the money, four or five extra antes (luckily no blinds) is scary.  But all went well & I now had two of the three cashes I figure I need to catch Datzang.

I should have quit right there.  I'd been playing hard, I was tired & I was getting over-confident.  But I figured that I could play the 8 o'clock tournament & just play very carefully.  Because I was now likely within 10 points of the lead.  So I didn't actually need another cash.  If I could hit the top 20% in about four of the remaining tournaments, that would give me enough points.  And that's easy, right?  Especially for a brilliant player like me.  Gawd, what a donkey I am sometimes!

So after getting hit by the deck the last tournament, I had the worst kind of bad luck this one.  I got several playable hands and none of them hit.  That's even worse than being card dead, because every hand like that costs chips.  Within 8 hands, I had Q-10 suited in the SB, A-Qs, A-K, K-Js in middle position & pocket 8's.  And I made absolutely nothing with any of them.

Then I did something pretty stupid.  With the blinds at 100/200, I was in the small blind with my stack at  810 after paying it and I had pocket jacks.  There's one limper.  What the heck am I supposed to do with these?  There's over 40% of the field left, so if I bust out now, I lose 12-14 points.  I have enough chips to make it to the top 35%, which guarantees me a loss of somewhere around 5 points. 

I can't just raise, that's for sure.  Because if I get called, I can't fold after the flop. Tthat would leave me with too few chips to make the top 35%.  Limping seems stupid.  Unless I get lucky & hit a set, I've pretty much just thrown away my 100 chips & made it tougher to hit the top 35%.  So it's all-in or nothing.

The problem is, I didn't think it through.  I saw that big pair & figured I was supposed to do something with it.  Sure I was supposed to do something with it - throw it right into the muck!

Suppose I shove & the BB & the limper fold.  That nets me 500 chips.  What does that do for me?  Almost nothing.  It might squeak me into the top 30%, which means I lose about 1.5 points instead of 5.  Big deal.  Even if I get called and double up, I'm not going to have enough chips to guarantee I can make it to the top 22%, where I break even.

So what it comes down to is, by shoving, I'm risking a loss of around an extra 8 points to gain 1.5.  I just should have said "dammit, wrong time to get jacks" and folded them.  But I shoved & got called by Ace, rag.  Howver, the poker gods smiled on me, my jacks held up & I eventually finished 29.5%, so I probably ended up saving a point or two.  But I'm definitely going to play smarter tomorrow if I want to overtake Datzang.