. . . but sometimes it goes the other way too"  Alabama Worley in True Romance

It's early in the 8pm tournament.  There's a player at my table with a rating of just inder 1300 points who has managed to run up a big stack. Periodically, someone doubles up through him.  When that happens, he keeps shoving until he stacks someone & gets his big stack back.

He's down to about 4,000 chips and shoves.  I have KK.  I'm not sure whether I want to risk getting stacked.  I pull out my calculator to see whether I'm at least in the top 60%.  While I'm doing that my time runs out & I've forgotten to hit "time".  So I fold & he flashes 9-5 offsuit.  The very next hand, I pick up queens.  I think "Oh well, he's gonna shove again, 'cause he didn't get his chips back yet."  Sure enough, he does & I can't hit the call button fast enough.  What does he have this time? AA!  A queen hitts the flop & just in case he was thinking of catching an ace on the river, the fourth queen hits the turn.   Yes, I can suck out with the best of them!

Twice at the casino last year, I went from a pair on the flop to a full house on the river, to beat someone who'd flopped a set.  This is the only kind of "suck out" story I usually tell.  First of all, remembering my own amazing suck outs comforts me when I'm on the other end.  Second, and most important, I believe that it  intimidates other players far more to tell them how incredibly lucky you've been, than trying to explain the great play you made that went awry because some donkey got insanely lucky.

I went on to cash in the tournament, catching a timely pair of pocket aces in the later rounds.  At 10, I made it into the top 15%, and got back most of what I lost on my aces at 5:30.

So I'm still aiming for the top, but I'm going to have to get even more lucky to  get there with only three days to go.