Today went much better.  Bubble boy at 10:00 am (6.6 points), ITM at 1:00 pm, 18.9% at 5:30, which should get me around 5 points and ITM at 8:00.  I couldn't play at 10.  I figure after today, I'll be at around 1880.  There are enough tournaments left , that if I get lucky, I could win January.

Even if I don't, I'm confident that I have finally worked out the right strategy to win consistently, starting in February.  I'm away for a week in March, so I probably won't win that month.  But beginning in April, I should be able to answer this blog's title in the affirmative with no problem.

What's that?  Did I hear someone say, "Pride goeth before a fall"?  Silly, that only applies if you're not the best!