1pm was the first tournament I could play today.  I got myself short-stacked to the point where I maybe had enough to hit the top 30%.  So I sat, slowed down & took no chances.  Finally I was UTG with A-9 off-suit & shoved, because I was almost in top 30% & was all-in next hand anyway in the BB, which would probably be a worse hand.  I won the hand & got moved to a spot just vacated by a BB.  So I missed the blinds & got to sit out TWO hands.  Another lucky move & another double up with big slick & I managed to make it to 23.9%, for a small positive result.  Seems like my resolve to take no chances is paying off.

3pm.  It's the second or third blind level. There are two limps in from of me from weak players & I have pocket aces.  I wasn't sure how much to raise.  Then I remebered seeing an 1800+ player shove in that exact situation earlier, get one call & stack a guy.  So I decided to shove, hoping for one call from the limpers  They both called.  One had K-7 of spades & the other had K-6 of hearts.  K-6 hit a flush.  I had about 350 chips left.  The next hand  or the next but one, I forget which,  was pocket K's.  I shove & get called by pocket 9's who hit a set on the river. I checked Poker Stove and my aces vs the suited kings was 72%, vs 14%  & 13% for each of them.

Another early bad beat at 5:30, that was about 75% my fault (just should have got out of the hand, even though I was pretty sure I was ahead & I was right - until the flop).  Busted out at 8 with KK vs 10-10 when they  hit a set on the flop, but I was at 29.5%, so probably won't lose too much for that one.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever worth getting all the money in pre-flop in the early rounds.  I don't think doubling up at that point  increases one's chances of cashing all that much & if one is up around 1800, it can take a long time to get the points back, if one gets unlucky.  I'll have to fiddle withsome numbers & see if I can work something out mathematically.  Where's David Sklansky when you need him?

One tournament to go for today - starts in about 10 minutes.  No more bad beats, no more bad beats, no more bad beats . . .