What a discouraging day!  The only good thing about it is that I didn't pay anything to enter the tournaments.

It made me wonder whether I should just answer the name of this blog in the negative and go back to the NAPL.  I took a look at the results of two of the leaders to see what percentage of their tournaments they cash in, what percentage they finish in the top 20%, and so on.  Then I compared my results to theirs.

I cash often enough.  The problem is that I finish worse than 40% about twice as often as I can afford to. I'm still takiing too many chances too early.  I have to make the top 30 - 39% more.  This means lasting until the end of 125/250, which means I have to start the 100/200 level with a stack of at least 850.

The good new is, in the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day!"