Two cashes in a row!!!  Should be up to about 1841, once the 10 am results are posted.

Before a tournament starts, I open PokerTracker, where I have a separate database for the Skill League, and I turn on the Auto Import, so I don't forget later.  I haven't found PokerTracker too useful for the Skill League yet.  In a few months, when I have more data, I'll try running some reports.

The first thing I do when a tournament starts, is write down the name of everyone at the table & look up their rating.  It helps me figure out how to play.  For example, if I have A-Q suited on the button & a player with 1800+ points raises UTG & another 1700+ player calls, my hand is junk - guaranteed!  But if there's a raise in early position from a 1400 point player & a call from another 1400 point player, I'm probably re-raising.

One thing I should probably do more, is look at the rating history, especially for players 1600 & above.  That can tell me how willing they are to take chances early in the tournament.  If I'm behind a cautious player with a 1700+  rating & they limp, if I raise enough to put 1/2 their stack in, they'll probably fold.  Haven't tried that move yet, but it's coming! - especially if I can double up early.  Then I can take a shot without putting myself at too much risk.

The next thing I do, is calculate what I call "critical points", after the registration closes.  I calculate 60% of the field, 40%, 22% (about where my break-even point is now - i.e., I neither win nor lose points if I come in the top 22%.  15% is next - it seems to be worth about 1/2 the points of a cash & then I write down where the cash is.  These points help me figure out when to take chances & when to tighten up.

My ride is here, so gotta go for now.