My unlucky goes here, three time on three tournament bad beat with AA in my hand. Its hurt. Im so SHock. But anyway it's a poker. Day 5th : I had A 10 and the flop A 10. He call me with AK. and the river is K. I'm killed myself by raise and raise. Day 6th : I lost my performance and confidence. 5 times out in early position is very bad. My rank crash down now. After that story, now i'll writen to myself some rules to play at PSO league. Here's my own rules : Stage 1 : Full ----> 30% player left. 1. never all in only after you know that's your hand is best of the best 2. play small chip, never call raise 3x bigger than BB 3. often fold, rarely call. 4. keep to stay, don't be kicked out at this stage. Stage 2 : 30% -----> ITM (in the money) player left. 1. This stage is very important, determine you can be on top or down 2. Play normal PSO style, make decision with brave. Stage 3 : ITM -------> top 10 1. Try to get very best position Stage 4 : Top 10 1. Play with smile.