Hi ya'll, I am a rookie here at PSO.  I started playing on line about March of 2010. I only play PokerStars.  I really like playing poker with the people here.  My game of choice is NLHE.
I started PSO about 5 months ago and what a difference it has made in my game.  Thank you PSO.  I really don't like to hear people's bad luck or bad play blamed on others or PokerStars. If you pay to play you should be able to play any hand that you want to play without being ridiculed.We are not all pros. (yet)  :wink:

  I won my first prize in November 2010.  $3.00, yay for me.  But look out all cuz I am getting better with every touney that I play in.   And I have plenty of time to play since I am a disabled diamond tool grinder.  I am home most of the time so as I said look out for me lol. I like to chat and make people laugh while I play.

  I live in NE Indiana right next to Fort Wayne.  A huge Chicago Bears fan. Da Bears!  I am married and have 2 children.  My daughter  was killed 8 years ago by a drunk driver.  So please don't drink and drive.

  I hope I will see you at the tables soon.  Good luck to all of you.  KYBIGD