Hi all, 



So today i was grinding away in the open leagues and mixing it up with some tourneys and i would like to share you my story. 


I entered the Big 3.30 and was playing some solid poker, i doubled up with a bad beat of my own ( LOL) Kings vs Queens by spiking a queen on the flop. And after running card dead for a good half hour i got pocket 10's on the button, the play was folded around to me and i make a 2.2BB raise, the SB folds and the BB re raises so i call...

the flop comes down 4 10 6 rainbow and he goes all in to put me all in, so i make the easiest call of my life to see that he was holding  3 7o to see he had a gut shot to the straight. the turn comes down a jack and rivey spiked a 5 giving him the nuts!!!


Then after a couple of hours cooling down i enter another tourney and from the get go i was playing poor, i thought my double up chance came when i had pocket jacks on the button again and the play was a min raise from early position and a call, I re raise and the BB shoves, the other 2 in the pot insta fold and the play is back on to me, from what i seen from this guys earlier play i thought he was weak so i call after a couple of seconds of deliberation, he turns over  Q 5o and this time i could fell the queen coming, the flop comes down  Q 3 A and all i could do was laugh, the turn and river were  3 and 7 and i couldnt believe his shove. 


But thats poker i guess,  you've gotta take the good with the bad!