I played in one PSO tourney today (5:30 est time) finished around 700 , negative pts put me below 1700s in league pts, so I decided to try the Hubbles Freeroll . I was catching cards left and right , luck I have never had in all my life, with in the first hour I was in the top 50 . they moved me my cards went cold and i noticed 3 hands in a row my hands I folded I was hitting , they were mediocer to junk hands , and there was a big stack pushing people around with junk so I decided to play with him . He had over 90K I was around 20 K , first hand we tangled I had K 3 suited he had 8 5 suited (same suit) we got a 4 flush on the board he pushed me all in ,I win.. The guy started talkin all kinds of crap , saying he was gonna take me out , so I limped in with 10 J off he pushes all in with A 5 off flop comes out 10 10 4 , haaa I win again . That just made the guy talk more crap . At this point I'm setting on 80K he was left with 30K . I asked the guy what happened to taking me out , for those who know me on here know I don't talk crap to nobody it brings bad Karma and im generally a nice guy, he replies just wait and see I'll get those chips back and I'll take you out . I said OK I'd like to see that so the next few hands , by this time everyone at the table was sitters except for me another guy and the JackO , started pushing him all in and he started folding and I said don't you want your chips back and he said I'm waiting for the right cards  and I replied I havnt seen you play the right cards yet so why start , then he started pushing all in for bout4 or 5 hands and the other guy playing called I folded , he called with Kings and the donk had 10 4 suited took him out..the next hand he asked me if I'm ready to get railed I said sure lets do this heads up thing , hahahahaha . The dealer gave me pocket aces on the button the donk had king 4 suited in the BB  , I limp thinking he would push but he checks flop comes out K 9 3 , he pushes all in and i call and my aces actually hold up right before the river all I saw was *** *** *** **** in chat box and I put hahahaha dum azz then bam closed table....Well I prutty much cruized after that before I knew it I was at final table short stacked with about 65K , just played my A game got down to last 3 then the other two guys pushed all in one was gone then down to 2 and I had chip lead , then my last target pushed all in with A Q   I had A 4 hit the flop 449  BAM !!!!!!!!!! My very 1st tournament win ever not just winning a ticket and email saying I finished 1st like they do but I actually got a first...SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Go me :-)