I called a moderator on this guy keener2010 and my chat got revoked ..I'm furious ...why did I get revoked when I'm the one that called the mod ..has anyone else had this problem

heres stuff keener2010 was saying;

1)hey did anyone ever tell you that u belong to nation of murderers rapists and criminals?fag usa
2)a nation that will burnand turn in confusion, bunch of child killers for the red white and blue
3)war criminalsand heathens, gettin nukedsoon by little brown people
4)cant wait too.9/11.9/11.9/11 wa wa wa
5)pussholes hahahaha
6)good i like the right to bear arms, kill each other off.dont have to take the garbage out myself

my reply was your an idiot

7)ur on notice and gonna get urs, nation of ignorant fux
8)dont wanna talk abouta nation of war criminals

i then said   ok...
i called the mod like people told me when i have a problem and that's what i did...the mod said hello players and the usual nod comments and a second later my chat was revoked , at that time the guy went all in and lost he made 1 more comment just before the river

9)sorry just hate war crime, innocent brown babies and such

then he was on the rails leaving me speachless , why was i revoked and this guy got to keep on talkin..I checked my email and i got revoked for saying we got an arse hole on the table talkin to a friend specktating (sorry tazz if wrong spelling lol ) and i said that long beforehe started in, with the comments i posted , because he was a jerk to pazx7 after he beat him in a hand

conclusion  ; why was i revoked , I'm just sayin