Today in the first three tournaments within the first half hour I had premium hands and all my chips got put in the pot in which I lost . I know people tell me not to play extremely aggressive in the early stages to avoid getting donked out of the tournament , but when there are players which are playing many hands and pushing people off pots and winning by hitting runner runners with garbage hands . When I get dealt hands like pocket aces , kings ,or queens should I just fold or what? I'm confused cause I do my best to play solid poker , but when you follow someone that pushes all in with 8 4 suited and your holding aces do you just fold because you weren't the one to push or just call the all in and hope for the best , especialy in the early phases . I'll admitt I've made  quite a few mistakes , sometimes I chase flushes with A and any card suited and the flop comes out with 2 of my suit but don't catch or I chase down straights all the while people are betting pot size bets , but I'm learning not to be a fisherman ,slowly. I'm also learning not to be aggressive with starting hands like A K suited or small pocket pairs , but what do you do when people are when you hold monster hands and people are aggressive towards you ?  I know one of the many things I learned in this school is never just limp in , but I do a lot of limpimg when I get premium hands (cat. 3 or higher) cause I've been burned so many times by being aggressive , so I guess I'm gun shy cause I won't raise till after i see what the flop is , when I do it turns out by me being on the sidelines yelling donkey you know
    I strive to be one of the top players on here and my game has come a long way in the last few months after joining the PSO , but I still need lot of improvement  or I just need to go to a voodoo doctor cause many days it's like the poker gods hate me.

                                               Thank you Pokerstars for a wounderful program , many really good players on here lot of good people , despite their are quite a few that do play disrespectful to the game and the proper way it's meant to be played  I still enjoy grinding it out on here on a daily basis. I just need tips on how to be one of the top players.