Now my blog is a Jack of Spades. Thank you, wonderful readers. I wish you would talk to me more.


Day 3 was a day of missed opportunities. Bubbled out some 7 STTs, and ended 3 in position 3. As if that wasn’t enough, had 3 different power failures making me lose my buy-ins in multiple SnGs. Well, at least it wasn’t a loss making day and my BR crawled over to $38.74.

On Day 4 I am hoping to move it up to $60 at the very least. I am definitely feeling good about my play – the results aren’t there yet, but my decision making is sure getting better.

I will leave you with the completely unintersting hand that gave me my only win of the day. Villain had decided to shove every hand heads-up. This was the fifth hand, and I really wish I had a Doyle Brunson insted of T7s. At least that would have had something interesting in it

That’s it for today. Cheers!