I am starting this blog right on the day I start the "To be or not to be" challenge. You may have guessed from the name, this challenge will decide if I will continue playing poker or quit. The duration of the challenge is one month.


Today my bankroll at PokerStars is $30. The challenge is to make it reach $600 in 31 days. Plain and simple. If I fail this challenge, I will quit poker forever. I don't really think it is going to be very difficult. My only weakness is that I tend to play outside my bankroll too often. So, by forcing myself to document the progress every day, at this blog, I will be avoiding that. Discipline is the key to victory - everywhere.

How I plan to achieve my goal - and win this challenge - is by playing 90-player SnGs. I would be starting with $0.25 buy in and moving up as my bankroll swells up. The plan is to throw in 100 $1.5 2-player heads up SnGs on reaching $400 - but that is a bit tentative for now.

Every day at 7am IST, I will be posting an update here. And maybe a "hand of the day", if I find a hand interesting enough.